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  • ​patiently explain any math topic in a way that the student can understand  
  • build or maintain a solid foundation as well as increase confidence  
  • facilitate homework, saving time and reducing math frustration​  



"Thanks. (My daughter) was happy with your ability to explain. Look forward to Sunday!"

    -- Parent of Junior, New Trier High School, Algebra 2/Trig (10-22-18)

"I got a 97 on my math quiz!!"

    -- Junior, Highland Park High School, Pre-Calculus (11-20-18)

"Hi, math is going good. I got a 92% on the test, so you really helped. Thank you so much!"

    -- Sophomore, Highland Park High School, Geometry (11-22-18)

"I just wanted to thank you. (My son) did well on his final. As soon as he starts up after break, I will contact you immediately! thank you again!"

    -- Parent of sophomore, Stevenson High School, Geometry Honors (12-21-18)

"My daughter just took another practice math. 34. Wow!"

    -- Parent of junior, Highland Park, ACT math prep (1-3-19)

"Just an FYI. (My son) earned a 104% on his logarithms test. Overall grade moved from A- to A. Thank U!!!"

    -- Parent of freshman, Glencoe, advanced algebra 2/trig (1-22-19)

"(My daughter) got a B in math this semester and is very relieved! I believe she got an 86 on the final. Can we start up meeting every week? Thank you!"

    -- Parent of freshman, Highland Park, algebra (2-14-19)

"Hi Lance! (My daughter) was placed in honors geometry based on the placement test that she took last week. :-)  Thank you again for all your help!

     -- Parent of 8th grader, Glenview, high school placement test (4-12-19)

"Hi, thought you might be interested to know that (my son's) math MAP score was 241. (Last test was 225, so quite a jump). The score was up there with the other kids in his advanced class. Thank you for your help!"

      -- Parent of 4th grader, Skokie (5-15-19)

"Lance, (my daughter) took a full ACT practice test on Saturday. She improved her math score (from 26) to a 31. Thank you for your help."

      -- Parent of Junior, Wilmette, ACT prep (5-14-19)

"I wanted to let you know that you did something right, because (my daughter) got 100% on her math final! She was very excited, and also because she was the only one who got 100%. She studied like crazy."

      -- Parent of freshman, Glencoe, Algebra 2/Trig Honors (6-14-19)

"Thank you for everything you did to help (my daughter). We really appreciate it and she learned a ton from you. Have a great summer!"

       -- Parent of sophomore, Highland Park, Geometry and Alg 2/Trig (6-15-19)


Rocky Statue, Philadelphia, PA

Rocky Statue, Philadelphia, PA

2017-2018 Accomplishments


"Thank you! (My daughter) looked at what you did and she understands how you got the answer."
​     -- Advanced Algebra, New Trier High School (9-9-17)   

"(My daughter) did a practice ACT on Saturday and went up 5 points on math!!!"
     -- Parent of junior, Deerfield High School (9-6-17)

​"... I am happy to report that (my daughter) got a 94 on her last test."
     -- Parent of 8th grader, advanced geometry (10-6-17)

​"....  (My daughter) got an A in math for the first time ever!!!  So, thank you for everything you have done for her!"
     -- 8th grade, pre-algebra, Glencoe (1-20-18)

​"... (My son) got his grade up to an A- in the 3 week grading period. So very happy!"
     -- Parent of senior, pre-calculus (5-11-18)

"... (My daughter) ended up with an A- for the semester!!! She  got a B+ on the final. Thank you for helping her achieve that A.
​     Have a great trip this summer, and see you again soon!"
​      -- Parent of freshman, geometry, HIghland Park (6-7-18)

29029 Challenge - Stratton, Vermont (2017)

29029 Challenge - Stratton, Vermont (2017)

2016 - 2017 Triumphs

Lance and Norway the Husky


"(My daughter) said you did an awesome job with negative numbers and absolute value. She got 100%, and even got extra credit for finding a mistake on the test!"
    -- Parent of 7th grader, Highland Park, IL (9-20-16)

"Hey, (my daughter) got 46-46 on her math test!!  Woohoo!  Thanx so much for your help!
    -- Parent of senior, Calculus,  Highland Park High School (9-22-16)

​"(My daughter's) last test (after working with you) was the best by far. 90%. Thanks for your help!"
    -- Pre-Calculus, New Trier High School (11-21-16)​

​"Just wanted to touch base and thank you again for making yourself available on short notice when we needed help. You really helped (our son) with his confidence in math. 
​    -- Parent of 7th grader, Deerfield, IL (5-21-17)

"Hi Lance. (My son) got a 97 on the final. So, A for the semester. Thank you so much for helping. He said going over the material really helped him."
    -- Junior, Pre-Calculus Honors, Northbrook, IL (6-1-17)

​​"I thought you'd be proud of (my daughter). Attached is her final exam grade and comment from the teacher -- "93% Great work!" Thanks for all your help! We will definitely be in touch in August to talk about gometry next year. Have a great summer!"
    -- Parent of 9th grader, Algebra, New Trier High School (6-3-17)

2014-2015 Success


​"... I just wanted to let you know I got my ACT scores back a few days ago, and I did very well. My composite score was a 34, and my math sub-score increased to 33! Thank you so much for helping me prepare, I really appreciate it..."
     -- Junior, Evanston High School (4-13-15)

"It was so nice meeting you. [My daughter] really enjoyed working with you. Thank you for your tips and online suggestions as well."
     -- Parent of 8th grader, Pre-Algebra, Glencoe (11-6-14)

​"[My daughter] got 51/51 on her test Friday. Class median - 45. Thanks!"
     -- Parent of 8th grader, Algebra, Deerfield (10-6-14)

"Hi Lance! I got 92/100 on my math final! Thanks for all the help! 
     -- Sophomore, Geometry, Highland Park High School (1-26-15)

"We are so pleased that you and [my daughter] work so well together, and as a parent, I really appreciate the kind words about her."
     -- Parent of 11th grader, Pre-Calculus, Wilmette, New Trier High School (12-14-14)

"I just want to thank you again for all your hard work and extra materials you sent over the past couple of months. It really helped [my daughter]
 with understanding the material and confidence in a class like this. I will continue to hand out your name whenever I can. 
     -- Parent of 11th grader, AP Calculus (AB), North Shore Country Day School (5-9-14)

"Just heard from [my son's] teacher. He got 80/83 on his (final) exam! Thanks Lance!"
     -- Parent of 11th grader, Pre-Calculus, Evanston (6-5-14)

"Hi Lance. Just emailing you to say that I got a 5 on my AP calc test!! I'm so excited about it. Thanks for all your help this past year!"
    -- 11th grader, AP Calculus, Highland Park (7-10-14)


2013-2014 Progress



"Hi Lance! I got 91/100 on my math final! Thank you so much for your help this year! [My brother] got 85% (on his Algebra 2/Trig) final and
he's really happy. Have a good summer!"
    -- 9th grader, Geometry, Highland Park High School (6-5-14)

​"I just saw my grade on the final exam. I ended up getting an A (93%). I want to that you for all your help so far. I really appreciate it."
    -- 9th grader, Honors Geometry, Deerfield High School (1-24-14)

"Thanks for all your help. [My daughter] was able to get the A- for the semester! We will keep in touch!"
    -- Parent of 10th grader, Pre-Calculus, New Trier High School, Wilmette (2-2-14)

"Happy New Year. [My son] got an A- in the (Honors Geometry) class, which was good news, thanks to your help."

    -- Parent, Ignatius Prep (1-16-14)

"Hey Lance, just wanted to catch you up and let you know I got into the University of Pennsylvania today.... I wanted to thank you for all the work you helped me with (during the past 3 years)...."

    -- Senior, Highland Park High School (12-13-13)

"BTW [my daughter] has an A in this grading period... I attribute much of this success to your patient and diligent work..."

     -- Algebra 2 Honors, Evanston High School (12-6-13)

"I got a B+ on my math final!!! 89/100.... Thank you, Lance!"

     9th grader, Geomtry, Highland Park High School (1-23-14)

"I took the chapter 4 test today. The test was quite challenging, however I received a 45/48 (94%). I wanted to thank you for helping me prepare, your time and effort to send me practice problems, as well as helping me over the phone, was greatly appreciated.

    -- 9th grader, Honors Geometry, Deerfield High School (11-26-13)

"Just wanted to let you know, [My Daughter] got a 98 on her (algebra 2) test. Thank you for your hard work.

    -- Parent, New Trier High School (11-26-13)

"Thanks again, Lance! I really appreciate it. I used the Special Quadrilaterals Packet and I'm glad to say it really helped."

    -- 9th grader, Geometry, Highland Park High School (1-13-13)

2012-2013 Feedback


"....received an A in math. Enjoy the summer!"

​     -- 10th grader in Honors Pre-Calculus, Highland Park (7-18-12)

"Thanks so much for the great tutoring session, and the information and links....

[My son and daughter] really loved working with you.... they said you are a great teacher and really SMART!"

      -- parent of 8th and 10th graders (8-26-12)

"FYI, [my daugher] passed her placement entry exam at KU, so thanks for your help in getting her ready."

     -- parent of incoming college freshman (8-30-12)

"You have been very helpful. [My son] got an A on his test!"

      -- Parent of 8th grader, Deerfield, IL (10-21-12)

"Just heard from [my daughter's] math teacher. She said [my daughter] did better than most on the final. She said the extra work with you really showed. Yay!!"

    -- Parent of 10th grader, Chicago Jewish High School (1-15-13)

"Thanks so much. [My daughter] was hesitant to have you come at first (she's self-conscious)... she found it helpful and clearly recognizes the benefits."

    -- Parent of 7th grader in Highland Park, IL (10-17-12)

"'A' for the 3rd quarter! Thanks, C."

    -- 10th grader, Algebra 2/Trig, Highland Park High School (4-1-13)

"94.5 on the math final. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!! Have a great summer, and we'll see you in the fall.

    -- Parent of Pre-Calculus student, Highland Park, IL (6-5-13)

More excerpts from emails:

​"Hi Lance. Just an update on the AP tests: [my daughter] got a 5!!! Whooo Hoo! THANK YOU!"

    -- Parent of senior, AP Calculus, New Trier High School (7-5-12)

"First off, you rock! [My daughter] did great on her test last week and pulled her D grade up to a B-... Yeah!"

    -- Parent of senior, Calculus, Highland Park High School (5-22-12)

"[My son] got a 90 and was so happy!!  Thank you for all your help, notes, and links!"

    -- Parent of junior, Algebra II/Trig Honors, Highland Park (5-18-12)

"[My son] earned an A- on his test. I believe your sessions with him are definitely helping!"

    -- Parent of freshman, Advanced Algebra, Deerfield High School (1-24-12)

"Thanks so much. I got a 102.5 out of 105 on my test!!"

    -- Freshman, Algebra, Highland Park High School (4-20-12)


2008-2011 Comments


Excerpts from Emails:

".... got a 33 composite score (on ACT math)..."

    -- 11th grader in Highland Park, IL (5-15-10)

"... We want to thank you for all your help... [My son] really benefited from your help."

    -- Parent of 8th grader in Deerfield (6-6-10)

"That was so nice of you to check up on them... [older daughter] ended up with a B...  And, [younger daughter] ended up with an A in her class... Your help was great!!"

    -- Parent of siblings at Highland Park High School (1-15-08)

"Hi, I wanted to share with you that [my son] got his first 'A' of the year on a math test. Thanks for helping him!"

    -- Parent of 10th grader at New Trier High School (11-17-10)

"Thank you so much! [My daughter] received word that she was finally moved up to advanced math!!"

    -- Parent of 7th grader, Wilmette, IL (1-20-11)